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Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can prove to be a nightmare for any student. These mistakes can cost dearly as teachers give a poor grade to students. can help you in this regard with its editing and proofreading tools.

Concept of editing

Editing is an exercise that allows a student to review his work after completion. He can take a look at the structure and styling of this assignment. Editing helps him in finding errors and rectifying them. It needs to be repeated till there is no error left in the assignment.

Does the answer cover all aspects of question?

Editing should not be undertaken soon after writing. Take a day or two before you start so that your mind is not focused upon the topic. This is when you will be able to detect mistakes in what you have written. Editing takes care of answering all the questions that have been asked. Editing checks whether the topic has been introduced and then argument developed properly. It finally goes over the conclusion.

Editing can check structure, sources, and expression

When editing your assignment, check out for phrases and sentences that either look incomplete or make little sense. Check if the sources have been mentioned in chronological order or not. See that same font and size has been used throughout the assignment,. Also check the spacing and the color so that it has uniformity.

The concept of proofreading

Proofreading is mainly concerned with removing any spelling mistake or typing errors that may be there in the text. It also goes through the grammar. Proofreading is necessary before submitting your assignment,to your teacher. But do not start proofreading soon after writing the assignment as your mind will not be unable to examine the topic closely as a neutral reader. You can pick up the flaws only after a lapse of 1-2 days.

Look for spelling and grammar mistakes

In most assignment, there are silly mistakes of spelling and typing errors that get ignored when writing it. These mistakes are not intentional but creep in because of carelessness and fatigue. You are able to pick up these mistakes when you proofread the same assignment,because you do this exercise on a purpose.

It is not just spelling and grammar errors that you can remove but also shorten lengthy and complex sentences to make your assignment readable and more interesting. The best way to look for mistakes and errors is to have a ruler in your hand so that you keep only 1-2 lines open while blocking rest of the assignment, from your sight.

Do editing and proofreading separately to increase the quality of your assignment.

How we can help you with editing and proofreading? has a strong team of experts and professional writers. These experts can carry out proofreading and editing for you to make sure your assignment, is free from all types of errors and mistakes.

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