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Case study assignment is a way of making student learn practical applications of theories learnt in classrooms. These are examples of companies in real life applying theories of management and winning by overcoming hurdles. The idea behind these assignments is to show students how they can apply principles they are taught in their classrooms. Students face lots of problems in understanding case studies. has been solving the problems of such students for a very long time now. You can read simple case studies provided on the website of the company to have a glimpse of these assignments.

Concept behind case study assignment help.

  • Case study assignment  are examples of application of management theories in real life situations
  • These thesis are specific to a subject. We deal with case assignments in law, nursing, and management.
  • Application and testing of a theory is possible through a case study.
  • These thesis are an example of inductive reasoning
  • They happen to be very common in study of management, nursing, and law
  • Case study assignments have become very popular in the last two decades.

Case study assignments thesis types

Fredrick Le Play introduced the concept of case studies in social sciences in 1829. These thesis are now a preferred mode of study in fields like management and law.

Case study in management

Theories of management are applied in fields like finance, marketing, and organizational development.

Case study in law

Legal aspects are applied in real life situations such as disputes between parties.

Case study in nursing

Case studies help students of nursing to understand various symptoms and methods of treatment through real life examples. Diagnosis and health care plans are easy to understand with the help of case studies of patients.

Management case study

There are three core areas of study in MBA. Case study assignments can come for students from all three of these areas. These core areas are as follows

  1. Analytical (divided into finance, accounting, and organizational behavior)
  2. Functional (divided into human resources and marketing)
  3. Ethics (Corporate social responsibility)

Case study in finance and accounting

Finance revolves around assets and liabilities of a company and happens to be the most important aspect of MBA. Other important aspects are human resources and marketing. Case study assignments in finance take up the example of a company and carry ut detailed analysis in following areas.

Revenue & expenditure

  • Performance of the company at the stock market
  • Study of financial statements of the company
  • Potential of the company in terms of investment
  • Growth aspects in future

Organizational behavior

These case studies allow students to understand the work culture in an organization. Teachers give these assignments to make their students understand the values and vision of large companies of the world. These assignments are given from two points of view namely the employees and the management team. Students of MBA are able to increase the productivity of their employees with the help of these organizational behavior case study assignments. These case studies help in increasing the motivation of the employees.

Human resources case studies

These case study assignments are designed to teach students about hiring, lay off, payrolls, and promotions of the employees making up an organization. Assignments make students learn about the values and behavior of important personalities in corporate world.

Marketing case studies

These case studies help students to learn how to communicate the worth or the value of products and services to the end consumers. Students use these case studies to ascertain the market value of a company and also to make predictions about its future market value.

Methods of marketing case studies

Survey of the market

Surveys form the backbone of these marketing case studies. The data collected through survey provides necessary information about the marketing policies of the company.


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Research objective

Research objectives set the tone and direction of the surveys for marketing case studies. They can be oriented towards consumers, products, or even the brand of the company. There are also surveys that are designed to understand consumer behavior. Situational analysis

There are many techniques of situational analysis such as SWOT, five forces model, and Pestel etc. Students use these models to analyze the competitive advantage of a company. SWOT is a technique that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of the company. PESTEL is an acronym. It stands for political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors defining the situation of the company. Five forces is a model introduced by Michael Porter that helps in understanding the situation of a company in a particular market.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a buzzword in corporate world today. It defines the social, moral and ethical responsibilities of a company in a particular market. Under CSR, a company takes to welfare of not just its own employees but members of the entire society.

One very popular case study assignment sample is the one where Coca Cola, world’s largest soft drink maker, took up pesticide removal and pollution control under its CSR policy. The giant multinational has always been criticized for its alleged use f pesticides in its beverages.

Legal case studies

Dispute between two or more parties involving legal interjection is called a legal case. Legal case studies teach students how these disputes are solved with the help of law. There are two parties in these legal case studies with one being plaintiff or the complainant and the other being the defendant. Legal case studies are broadly divided into civil and criminal case studies. Civil legal case studies are further subdivided into building and construction, environmental, business, commercial, and consumer legal case studies.

Legal studies where there is application of building and construction laws are those where there is breach of contract, negligence on the part of the builder, and so on.

Legal case studies requiring application of environmental laws are those where there has been harm to the environment. These studies also deal with damages caused by pollution to property and human beings.

Business legal case studies help students understand disputes between companies, vendors, and industrial trade unions.

Competitive law case studies are given to students to study effects of under pricing. They help students to protect healthy competition among companies in a free economy.

Consumer law case studies primarily intend to make students understand and protect the interests of the consumers.

Case studies on contract law are given to make them understand nature of disputes arising out of loopholes in contracts and agreements between companies.

How to go about case study assignments

  • Remember the purpose of the case study assignment
  • Break the assignment into sub parts and then start on them
  • Begin with a brief description. You can have ideas for this description from thousands of case studies previously done.
  • Identify the legal aspects
  • Note down the main reasons of dispute
  • Make a list of laws that are applicable in the case.
  • Give a reason why you have chosen the laws and then give your decision.

Legal case study samples

Contract law example

A man went to attend a charity auction. He was under the influence of alcohol. He made a successful bid. Later he refused to own up obligations as he sobered up and realized he had made a mistake.

Facts of the case

  • We have the plaintiff (auctioneer) and the defendant (the man)
  • Plaintiff says man was not drunk and he should fulfill his financial obligations
  • Defendant says he was drunk and made a mistake so he should nt be forced to complete the transaction

Law says that any individual can enter a contract but he should be under a stable state of mind. So technically speaking, the man should not be held responsible for his bid. But as he came to senses, he can be held responsible for his action. Therefore, verdict is that the man should not fulfill his obligations.

Case study involving business law

A lady called Tracy read an advertisement from a beauty salon promising facial massage and pedicure for only $10. She went to the salon only to be told that she would have to pay $100 for these services. Tracy became very angry as she spent time, money, and effort in reaching the salon.

Facts of the case

Defendant (beauty salon) is legally bound to provide the mentioned services at the mentioned prices to the plaintiff (Tracy).

According to business law, an advertisement in a newspaper is only an invitation to treat. Tracy acted on this invitation and made a booking. There is no breach of contract as the salon has told the real price before providing the service. Therefore, the beauty salon is not bound to pay any compensation to Tracy.

Advantages of case study assignments

  • Students learn about the precedents in cases involving various types of laws
  • These case studies help in sharpening the argumentative skills of the students
  • Students gain practical knowledge that helps them in real life situations when absorbed by companies
  • Financial case study assignments help students learn about the financial standing of the company
  • Marketing case studies allow students to know about the marketing strategies of businesses and the competitive advantage some companies enjoy over their competitors
  • Organizational behavior case studies are useful in increasing understanding about relationship between management and the employees
  • Leadership case study assignments are helpful in making students learn about the leadership traits of outstanding CEO’s of the world
  • Nursing case study assignments help students in understanding the nature of disputes between patients and healthcare providers

Main problems encountered by students

Students are asked to write case study assignments that are succinct and contain all relevant information. Most students face lots of difficulties writing these assignments.

  • It is difficult for students to gather relevant information
  • It is difficult for students to present information in a structured format
  • Many students cannot write case study assignments in fluent English

Benefits of receiving help for writing case study assignments

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